Working In Dubai As An American

Are you looking to move to Dubai as an American?

Working in Dubai as an American

Expats from the United States are welcome to work in Dubai, provided they fulfill and have the accurate visa and are employed during the duration of their said visa. Exceptions are when you’re permitted in the country on a spouse visa.

Average Salary in Dubai

On average a person earns AED 16,775 per month in Dubai, this is roughly 4570 in Dollars. Which is attractively higher than the average salary in the United States of 3900$ per month.

Taxes in Dubai

The UAE is one of a few Gulf States with no income tax others include Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman.

Education in Dubai

Various schools have a rolling admission system, this makes the entire admission process convenient as they can apply for admissions any time of the academic year instead of following a hard deadline. School fees varies between AED 12,723 to AED 64,093 ($3,463-17,449) approximately.

Driving in Dubai

Dubai authorities take traffic laws very seriously to ensure the safety of their citizens. So, it is of extreme importance to know and understand Dubai’s traffic rules and regulations so you don’t end up breaking them and put your or someone else life at risk. Dubai practices right-hand traffic.

Is Dubai Safe for Americans to Live in?

Dubai is established as a safe city for foreigners including Americans. Even though UAE doesn’t publicize its criminal data, the crime rates are extremely low, especially the ones violent in nature.

Living in Dubai as an American woman

Western Women should expect and be prepared for a huge cultural shift when moving to Dubai. Women in Dubai are expected to dressed modestly and are prohibited to wear revealing clothes.

What to Prepare For