Top 10 Taxi Companies in United States

Taxi services have made transportation from one place to another easier, cheaper and more efficient. More than 100 million Americans rely on cabs as a means of transportation. With everything going digital, taxi services are no exception.


Uber is a San Francisco-based tech company that provides mobility services to 110 million users worldwide. Apart from ride-hailing, it provides food delivery, medicine delivery, goods transportation etc.



Gett is an Israeli-based taxi app specializing in corporate ground transportation. It allows users to carpool and book rides up to 2 weeks in advance. Their mobile application uses advanced technology and is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.



inDriver started as a justice movement against taxi drivers who doubled their fares. This allows passengers and riders to negotiate fares based on the route and other factors.



Curb, formerly Verifone Taxi Systems, provides affordable and safe taxi services in 65 cities around the world. Their taxis equip passengers with luxurious amenities like a wheelchair, music, an air conditioner, and a baby seat.



Lyft is a leading ride-hailing mobile application that allows users to schedule their rides up to seven days in advance. It offers a wide range of services from rentals, bikes and scooters to luxury rides.


Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is a Brazil-based company that allows users to book rides and track it in real time. It currently operates in over 420 cities in 30 countries and serves 20 million users globally. Their app tracks car movement and saves travel data while allowing users to create custom route lists.



It is a real-time ride-sharing mobile app which is convenient for users who want a comfortable ride at low fares. Its unique features like ViaPass, ViaVan and ViaViewer are one of the main reasons for the success of this app.



Bridge is an on-demand bus service app that was established in Boston and later acquired by Transit Systems. It helps commuters access shuttle, car and bus fleet services between work and home during peak hours.



Wingz is a reliable option for users who want to travel privately at affordable rates. The most distinctive feature of the app is that it allows riders to choose their preferred driver.



Flywheel is an e-hail cab service that connects local drivers with users and allows ETAs to be tracked and paid for trips via phone. It also provides food delivery, business transport and government transport services.