Irritated With 9 to 5 Desk Job?

For those who prefer freedom of movement instead of the keyboard clicking and confinement of traditional desk jobs, consider these careers that keep you on your feet and off your seat.

Fashion Designer

While these coveted jobs are hard to come by, fashion designers are out and about creating concepts for clothing, footwear and accessories, then bringing them to life.

Nurse Practitioner

Like physicians, nurse practitioners spend a lot of time on the go, whether performing physicals, prescribing medications, or educating patients.

Construction Manager

Construction managers have paperwork as part of their job, with responsibility for planning, budgeting and informing clients about schedules and progress towards building construction.

Elementary School Teacher

It's hard to imagine a job that bothers you more than being an elementary school teacher. While part of the role involves lesson planning, teachers of young children are generally given considerable leeway to take a playful approach to learning.

Wind Turbine Technician

"Wind techs" or wind turbine technicians inspect and maintain wind turbines. This work keeps them in the air as they perform these duties elevated in the turbine, where they can fix the components of the mechanism and replace the parts that wear out.


Carrying out proactive tasks such as ensuring that electrical work in homes or businesses is up to code and installing and repairing electrical wiring moves electricians to many different places.