Get Paid To Travel The World

Here is a list of the best jobs that allow you to travel.

Interpreter and Translator

Interpreters and translators can find jobs around the world. Bilingual individuals are required to translate between languages in settings ranging from business conference rooms.


Flight Attendant

It would be hard to list jobs that pay you to travel without involving flight attendants. These professionals wear many hats because they help ensure that air travel is safe and comfortable for airline passengers.


Political Scientist

While more than half of political scientists are employed by the federal government, others may work for nonprofits and universities. Although not required for all jobs, their work can take them to different areas for meetings or research.



Don't be surprised to see pilots on the list of the best jobs that allow you to travel. These professionals guide commercial and airline aircraft to points around the world.


Construction Manager

Along with good job growth, construction managers have another job that can lead to travel opportunities.Managers working for larger firms may be sent to different locations to lead a project.


Environmental Science

Environmental science and conservation technicians are employed by consulting firms, government, and other organizations to monitor the environment for contamination and contaminants.