7 Weirdest Jobs You’ll EVER Read About

Here are the weirdest, most bizarre jobs in United States you probably never thought of! Be prepared, they are weird.

Pet Food Tester

Job is also described as a 'food technologist', a polite way of describing chewable dog food. It is much more advanced than that, however, the food has to appeal to the owner as well as the pet.


Paranormal Guide

Believe it or not, there are jobs for paranormal guides in the United States. Essentially, you take a short course for about four to six weeks and become a guide. Then lead tours through haunted houses, palaces, and mansions.


Legal Bank Robber

The purpose of the role is to test security levels in place, and in the old days, the job used to be straightforward, literally breaking into the bank.


Milking Snakes

There are jobs for milking snake venom in zoos, pharmaceutical companies, and educational research institutions. The reason we milk snake venom is to develop an antivenom because thousands of people in Africa and India die from venomous snake bites.


Professional Sleeper

The American space agency wanted to investigate the effects of lying down for 70 days, the theoretical time it would take to transport people to another world.


Human Statue

A human sculpture is a unique job which pays you quite well if you get the right employment opportunity. The situation is as the title says: You are a living mannequin wrapped in paint or cloth. Some retailers will rent a human statue to model the garment or add some exclusivity to their business, and some will pay handsomely for it.


Teddy Bear Surgeon

Every major Build-A-Bear outlet has a technician whose job it is to sew the arms, legs and eyes back to the 'injured' teddy bear. There are also several independent teddy bear hospitals.