DHL Careers in UAE 2022 New Job Openings

DHL is an international parcel, logistics and transport company that is dedicated to making shipments and parcels to different destinations around the world.

Would you like to work at DHL? In this article, we will tell you how to get a job in DHL Careers in UAE and you will learn about the requirements for DHL jobs, their job vacancies and how to apply by sending your resume.

About DHL

Since its foundation in San Francisco California USA in 1969, DHL has maintained business values ​​that characterize it as one of the most important logistics, shipping and parcel companies in the world, where its main mission is to manage the delivery of goods and products that are manufactured and produced by different companies, guaranteeing their safety until they reach their destination.

All the people who are part of DHL are thinkers, pioneers and creators who daily challenge the limit of the impossible. Its main mission is to revolutionize, simplify and shape the logistics world, breaking the barriers of the unthinkable and impossible since with the collaboration of space technology companies such as Astrobotic, shipments can be made to the moon.

DHL is made up of approximately 570,000 people of different genders, ages and nationalities distributed in more than 220 countries, making it one of the largest employers on the earth, where they offer a safe, motivating and inclusive environment that allows everyone to grow professionally through its Safety First culture, where diversity, inclusion and respect allow us to guarantee excellent services with which all our clients feel satisfied.

The vision and corporate responsibility of this fantastic company promote social impact programs with the purpose of connecting people and thus be able to improve living conditions, promoting commitments to sustainability, where they invest an annual percentage in their Go Programs, such as GoGreen, GoHelp and Gotrade.

Requirements for DHL Careers in UAE

  • Have a bachelor’s degree in fields such as engineering.
  • Have experience in customs legislation.
  • Have experience and degree in careers such as economics.
  • Have a law degree.
  • Have analytical skills and knowledge of international trade.
  • Have experience and license to drive.
  • Have experience and degree in administrative careers.
  • Have a predisposition to learn.
  • Be available to work different shifts.
  • Know how to work as a team.
  • Be a person of integrity, cordial and responsible.

List of Job Vacancies in DHL Careers

  • Staff to work as a delivery man.
  • Personnel to work as drivers in freight transport.
  • Personnel to work as a warehouse waiter.
  • Personnel to work in storage, packaging and distribution of merchandise.
  • Personnel to work as operator drivers.
  • Personnel to work in the area of ​​engineering and maintenance.
  • Personnel to work in supply chains.
  • Medical staff to work in the area of ​​health and safety.
  • Personnel to work as pilots and flight operators.
  • Staff with experience working in control and finance.
  • Staff to work in the human resources department.
  • Personnel to work in real estate management.
  • Staff to work in sales and business development.
  • Staff to work in services and customer service.
  • Staff to work in marketing and communications.

Salaries and Employment Benefits in DHL UAE Jobs

  • The distributors earn 4618 AED per month.
  • Drivers earn 4803 AED per month.
  • The waiters in stores earn 4284 AED per month.
  • The personnel who work in storage, packaging and distribution of merchandise earn 4433 AED per month.
  • Operator drivers earn 4803 AED per month.
  • Personnel working in the engineering and maintenance area earn between 5172 and 5911 AED per month.
  • The personnel in charge of supply chains earn 4987 AED per month.
  • Medical personnel working in the area of ​​health and safety earn 5542 AED per month.
  • Flight operator pilots earn between 6281 and 6650 AED per month.
  • Telephone agents earn 4064 AED per month.
  • The personnel in charge of control and finance earn 4987 AED per month.
  • Sales and business development staff earn 5172 AED per month.

In addition to offering all your work team excellent salaries, at DHL you can also enjoy employment benefits that include health insurance, retirement plans, health insurance for family members, compensation for overtime work, paid annual vacations, days off, assistance for student tuition and discounts for all its services and shipments to any part of the world.

How to Apply for DHL Careers in UAE

  • Open the employment portal of DHL UAE.
  • You can filter your geographical location and job position to speed up the search.
  • At the end of the page, you will also be able to see the offers for first-line jobs, office jobs and for students and graduates.
  • Select the position you are looking for.
  • Read carefully about the functions, work hours, salary and requirements that are required to work.
  • Select the option to apply for this job.
  • Answer if you are currently employed by Deutsche Post DHL Group or one of its subsidiaries and continue.
  • Select an account to sign up for their job search portal.
  • Fill in a form with your name, and surnames, select a password and repeat it.
  • Accept the terms, conditions and privacy policy.
  • Sign up.
  • Finish filling out a form and attach your CV.

Click Here for the Direct DHL UAE Careers Page.

Walk in Interview in DHL UAE

Walk-in interviews are usually scheduled for a fixed time slot and are first come, first served. Check out all the participating walk-in-interview of DHL Click Here.

DHL Now Hiring in UAE


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If you are interested and passionate about DHL UAE Jobs Vacancies, So, you should apply for a job in DHL Careers. Undoubtedly, it is a great platform for beginners and experienced professionals to convert degrees into careers. If you have any queries regarding this article, so feel free to comment.

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